Customer Feedback

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Our customer satisfaction rating consistently shows over 90% of people happy with our service.  In the three months from September to November 2019 we received a 100% 'Great' rating!

Below are some excerpts of ratings that include comments from our customer service ratings database:

Date Rating Comments
20-Dec-19 Great My item is broken and she responded quick. Waiting on reply to my picture I sent
14-Dec-19 Great very fast response time!
6-Dec-19 Great Thank you once again [Name]
6-Dec-19 Great Thank you
5-Dec-19 Great Thank you
28-Nov-19 Great Thanks for everything
20-Nov-19 Great Thank you so much for all of your help. Very much appreciated!
20-Oct-19 Great When I had a concern about delivery time. [Name] was very helpful and explained that there are delays and the time given originally is an estimated arrival date. She was very responsive and took the time to answer my questions. Very great customer service. I received my package today and everything looks great! Thank you!
29-Aug-19 Great Thank you for the timely response
11-Aug-19 Great [Name] was great...speedy reply!!!
21-Jul-19 Great Thank you for the one time courtesy pair of earrings. I love your Product and I am looking forward to wearing them.
18-Apr-19 Great Very helpful.
4-Apr-19 Great Very great customer service and each time I have sent an email I got a very quick reply
16-Mar-19 Great Thank You for the fast response!
11-Mar-19 Great Thanks for your prompt reply. Good news that it will arrive Thurs. Thanks
10-Mar-19 Great Thank You for your help
19-Jan-19 Great  Thanks so much for the quick response and updated information I really appreciate it:)
10-Jan-19 Great the rep is great
9-Jan-19 Great [Name] is fantastic
6-Jan-19 Great Thank you for checking on my order and finding out that the tracking number was wrong!!
4-Jan-19 Great [Name] provided great customer service and support. Thank you so much also for giving us a discount on the second hoodie even though we ordered the wrong size the first time. We understand that the first hoodie we ordered couldn't be returned but appreciate the help. Thanks
29-Dec-18 Great Thank you for getting back to me [Name] I will hang tight and continue to look for my package in the mail. Thank you
13-Dec-18 Great Gladly waiting a replacement. Thank you so much.
9-Dec-18 Great This employee is precious. She went way above what i expected. Thank you again
7-Dec-18 Great That was awesome
1-Dec-18 Great  Fast response. Thank you.
7-Dec-18 Great The person arrive today cuter than I could’ve imagined thank you very much
29-Nov-18 Great This is the first time I've worked with this company and so far they seem to be really great. I had an issue with a product and they are sending a replacement out.
26-Nov-18 Great Thanks so much. They are a gift.
11-Oct-18 Great Thank You, I know this is not due to any fault of yours. My friend will be so happy to get her earrings. 💀☺
10-Oct-18 Great Thank you I’m looking foward to receiving my order
6-Oct-18 Great Appreciate the quick response!
27-Sep-18 Great Thank you for your understanding and help hopefully nothing goes wrong this time.
13-Sep-18 Great [Name] from customer service did her best to get this resolved and am happy with how she is handling things so far. Thank you [Name].
9-Sep-18 Great [Name] got back to me very promptly and with such friendly regard. As someone who works in retail, friendly, professional customer service is very important to me! I haven't even received my order and I am already recommending Sugar Skull Culture to my friends!
27-Aug-18 Great [Name] was very helpful, she's the best ay customer service!
24-Aug-18 Great Thank you so much!
18-Aug-18 Great [Name] was very prompt in replying and solved my issue. Very happy
13-Aug-18 Great Thank you so much!!!
8-Aug-18 Great Thank you for such a quick response! Also wondering where I can get the matching towels you once had up with the same imprint? Thank you again, I look forward to receiving it!
5-Apr-18 Great Prompt service
19-Feb-18 Great [Name] was great service thank you [Name]!
1-Feb-18 Great She very good. She has replied to every email and thank you for that
28-Dec-17 Great  Can't wait to order
20-Dec-17 Great  [Name] has been a joy to work with.
27-Nov-17 Great Thank you so much for my order. Totally loved the pillow case.
13-Oct-17 Great Your customer service reps are fantastic thanks so much for the quick response
10-Sep-17 Great We didn't realize your products were made to order. Thank you for that info! We are eager to receive our order!
28-Jul-17 Great [Name] is Wonderful!
15-May-17 Great You guys rock! I can't wait for them to get here do I can finally wear them! Thank you!
5-May-17 Great It's nice to do business with a company that appreciates your business and will do their best to correct any error. Im glad this was corrected because i love the sneakers and was so bummed i couldnt wear them. I really appreciate the time and care you took to resolve my issue. Thank you!
14-Apr-17 Great I'm a very satisfied customer thank you very much for your help..
10-Apr-17 Great Excellent customer service
19-Feb-17 Great Thanks, [Name], for the helpful information about sizing
16-Feb-17 Great [Name] was so polite and helpful in all communicating with me!!
15-Jan-17 Great Customer service answered my email within minutes and fixed my issue in that same email. In my opinion this type of customer service deserves an A+++. Will definitely not hesitate in ordering from them again based on this alone.
20-Dec-16 Great Absolutely the best customer service ever!!!
5-Dec-16 Great You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much. It was very important to make my daughter's gift just right.
30-Nov-16 Great [Name] was awesome thank you again
20-Oct-16 Great This is the first time we have ordered from Sugar Skull Culture and was one of the easiest processes I have been through. When I emailed with a questions, I got a response back from [Name] within the hour. Will order again!!
3-Oct-16 Great Thank you [Name]! Kind, professional and understanding!! Great customer service!
30-Sep-16 Great Wonderful customer service
27-Sep-16 Great Very helpful!
6-Aug-16 Great Thank you [Name] for being an awsome customer service people friendly human being. ♡♡♡
6-Aug-16 Great Thanks again for a quick response.
15-Jul-16 Great Very helpful.
14-Jul-16 Great [Name]'s response was Super Fast. THANK YOU!!!